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    IRIN Analog Delay Pedal: Vintage BBD Chip Echo for Electric Guitar & Bass (True Bypass)

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      Infuse your playing with the soul of vintage with the IRIN Analog Delay! This pedal delivers warm, natural delays thanks to the legendary BBD chip. Create evocative echoes and add emotional depth to your solos, all within the iconic tone beloved by guitarists seeking classic vibes. True bypass design keeps your signal pure, ensuring the vintage warmth reaches your audience unfiltered.


      Vintage Vibe & Warm Echoes:

        • Legendary BBD Chip: Experience the authentic tones of the classic Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) chip, renowned for its warm, natural delay sounds.
        • Evocative Echo Effects: Craft lush repeats that add atmospheric dimension and emotional depth to your soloing and rhythm playing.
        • Classic Delay Tones: Capture the iconic delay sounds adored by countless guitar heroes, injecting vintage soul into your music.

      Intuitive & Versatile:

        • Delay Time Control: Dial in the perfect echo length, from short, snappy repeats to spacious washes of sound.
        • Repeats Control: Adjust the number of repetitions for subtle ambience or cascading echoes that tell a story.
        • Delay Tone Shaping: Refine the character of your echoes with dedicated controls, adding brightness or rolling off some high-end for smoother repeats.

      True Bypass Purity:

        • Preserves Signal Integrity: True bypass design ensures your precious guitar tone remains uncolored and pristine, even when the delay is activated.
        • Vintage Warmth Unfiltered: All the natural analog goodness of the BBD chip shines through, reaching your audience without any digital artifacts.
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