Ernie Ball 7-String Power Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 11-58 1 Set - Ploutone
Ernie Ball 7-String Power Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 11-58 3 Sets - Ploutone
Ernie Ball 7-String Power Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 11-58 6 Sets - Ploutone

    Ernie Ball 7-String Power Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 11-58

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      Experience silky smooth bends, effortless slides, and exceptional tone from Ernie Ball's industry-leading innovation in electric guitar strings. The 7-string Power Slinky set is an excellent choice for a wide variety of playing styles. Its thicker gauges allow for proper tension whether you are drop tuning, slapping them on a baritone, or just playing in standard tuning. If you want a versatile set of strings with a premium feel, then be sure to give the Ernie Ball 7-String Power Slinky set a rip!

      50 Years of Design Innovation

      Since 1962, Ernie Ball has been making some of the most popular electric guitar strings on the market. Their strings have been used in numerous recordings by all-time greats like Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jason Richardson, Pete Townshend, and many others. Ernie Ball utilizes the highest levels of quality controls in their manufacturing process to provide maximum consistency and longevity. With decades of feedback and countless collaborations with professional guitarists, their strings have been optimized for players of all genres, styles, and environments. 

      Exceptional Materials for Exquisite Sound

      Ernie Ball’s Slinky series electric guitar strings are made from nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around a tin-plated hexagonal steel core. Their design provides a very balanced sound across all strings and makes them great for all types of tones from searing high-gain heat, to ambient cleans and everything in between.   

      In the package:

      • Ernie Ball 7-String Power Slinky set 
      • Seven strings gauges 11, 14, 18p, 28, 38, 48, 58
      • Great for all styles of extended range guitar playing
      • Tin-plated hexagonal steel core, wrapped in nickel-plated steel wire
      • Well-balanced sound for any genre of music
      • High level of consistency and durability
      • Short break-in period

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