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GT Plectrums USA Handmade Acrylic Guitar Pick Standard Narrow 1.8mm

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A good guitar pick can make a big difference in your sound and playing style. That's why you should try this handmade guitar pick, a one-of-a-kind and high-quality pick from GT Plectrums.

This pick has a modified Standard shape, which is slightly smaller than a regular Standard pick. This makes it perfect for guitarists who like the classic feel of a Standard pick, but want more control and precision.

This pick is crafted from smooth and durable acrylic material that slides over the strings smoothly and produces a crisp and bright tone. The Standard shape is versatile and comfortable to hold, and it works well for various styles and genres. Whether you play acoustic or electric guitar, this pick will improve your sound and express your personality.


Thickness: 1.8mm

Material: Acrylic

Shape: Standard Narrow

Handmade in the USA
Each guitar pick from GT Plectrums is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Owner and artisan, Geoff Tiggy is passionate about creating new experiences for guitarists through his designs which feature premium materials like micarta, resins, and some of the hardest woods available. GT Plectrums understands that a guitarist has an intimate relationship with their guitar pick. While much of the industry wants us to believe that their cheap picks are the superior tool for guitarists, Geoff creates works of art that inspire us the same way that our instruments do.
The Boutique Difference
Boutique guitar picks aren't for everyone, but for guitarists who are serious about developing their unique sound and style, they are an amazing option and cost a fraction of a new amp, guitar, or pedal. We hear the pros say it all the time; "tone is in the hands". And while there's no denying that the rest of your gear plays a huge role in the quality of your sound, guitarists often underestimate the impact that their pick has on their playing and overall sound. Every guitarist has different hands, different picking motions, and different goals, but we hardly stop to think about whether or not the same picks used by everyone else are really the best option for us. Boutique picks have expanded the realm of guitar playing by offering guitarists a totally unique playing experience catered to their individual needs. Thicker picks are taking the world of modern guitar by storm thanks to their enhanced ergonomics, incredible tone, and unique style. If you are looking to level up your sound and technique, don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to spend hundreds on a new guitar or amp. Instead, try a boutique guitar pick and discover the difference it can make in your playing.
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Benefits of Thick Guitar picks

1. Superior comfort and ergonomics- the additional thickness and mass promotes a more relaxed hand, therefore reducing fatigue, risk of injury, and overall effort required for technical precision

2. Improved attack and striking consistency- the bevels on a thicker pick are much easier to strike consistently than a thinner pick. Think about it like striking the edge of a surface, such as a desk, with a flat object, like a folder, versus an object that forms a point, like a small cone. The cone shaped object is going to a much better job of pushing the string aside than a flat shape. The margin for error in striking with a thin pick is much smaller than it is with a thick guitar pick

3. Enhanced tones- better consistency and attack creates better tones. It's as simple as that. We've all heard the saying "tone is in the fingers". And while your fingers don't control the gain in your amp, they do have a massive impact on your overall sound. Being able to accurately and consistently pick a note is a huge part of developing one's skills as a guitarist

4. Unique style- this one is fairly self-explanatory. Adding a boutique plectrum to your gear collection is a statement of individuality and maturity as a guitar player. Many of us began our journey as guitarists by practicing the same songs, on the same guitars, with the same amps, but as we improve, we discover what makes our tone and style unique. Why should it be any different for the plectrums we use?

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