Our selection of audio interfaces, headphones, and studio monitors is specifically selected with the guitarist in mind. Not all audio products are designed for optimal compatibility with our instrument, which is why we do the proper product research so that you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong equipment. All of our audio products are excellent choices for guitar recording and offer high-fidelity, unbiased output in order to provide guitarists with exceptionally accurate recording and monitoring. It is essential to choose the right guitar recording and monitoring equipment for the frequencies and sonic details created by our six, seven, and eight string guitars.


Audix A140 Professional Studio Headphones


AKG K92 Headphones


Audix A152 Studio Reference Headphones with Extended Bass


Audix A145 Professional Studio Headphones with Extended Bass


AKG K371 Headphones


AKG K72 Headphones


AKG K553MKII Headphones


AKG K271MKII Headphones


AKG K240 Studio Headphones