Brett Quattrucci owner and founder of Ploutone

Hey y'all! I'm Brett, owner and founder of Ploutone. 

With a love of djent and a severe case of Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, I started Ploutone to share incredible music and gear created by independent artists. I first picked up the guitar when I was 13, and although I never developed the chops to make a career out of it, it continued to consume my life. Ultimately, it would lead me to ditch the safe path in a finance career and follow the instrument wherever it may lead me.

Back when I first started playing, I was obsessed with Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, SRV, and the like, but everything changed when I first discovered Plini in my early 20s. His music introduced me to the world of progressive guitar, and I began uncovering a whole other universe of independent artists pushing the envelope of our instrument. Of course, the next logical step was buying my first 8-string, an Agile Chiral Parallax, which opened my eyes to the art of modern guitar making. 

At that time, I was following my other passion, regenerative agriculture, and started a sustainable and USDA Certified Organic hemp farm in my home state of Rhode Island. As fulfilling as that was, my love for the guitar continued to grow, and I felt drawn to the industry. I was fascinated by the work of independent luthiers and created Fret Me Nought, an Instagram page where I share incredible guitars made by artisans around the world.

It was there that I discovered a community of like-minded guitarists who share my love of progressive music and boutique gear. I also realized that it's sometimes challenging for independent artists to compete with producers and large brands. I wanted to go beyond Fret Me Nought and create a space for guitarists to share and celebrate our favorite musicians and makers. 

This vision sparked the concept of Ploutone, and in 2021, I decided to go all in. Going from one cash-strapped startup to another meant I would have to do nearly everything myself, but I was determined to make Ploutone a reality. To this day, I still manage the website, communications, customer service, and marketing. If you ever sent a dm, website chat, or email, it's been me on the other end. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The guitar industry consists of some of the coolest individuals, and my favorite part of the day is connecting with fellow guitarists. I wake up every morning feeling grateful that I get to share my passion with others. I believe we live in a truly special era of the guitar, where so many businesses and musicians are creating opportunities for us to push the boundaries of our instruments.

I know first-hand how much of a benefit an instrument and music can have on one's life. My dream is for Ploutone to spread that positivity across the globe, from one guitarist to another. Thank you to each and every person who has shared and supported this mission. 

If you are a musician, artisan, or just a fan with ideas or feedback for Ploutone, I would love to connect with you and hear your thoughts. Feel free to reach out via our Contact Form.