One of the most important aspects of our mission here at Ploutone is to provide our community with inspiration by sharing the work of the talented modern guitarists who motivate us to pick up our instruments and challenge ourselves as musicians.

Without their tireless commitment to sharing the limitless potential of our beloved instrument and their passion for translating stories and emotions through its strings, we would not be able to experience the pure joy we feel when we discover a song or a riff that changes our lives forever. 
We owe these artists our ultimate support and the same level of dedication that they have shown us as their fans. Without them, we would not be Ploutone. We hope that you too can find joy in discovering and sharing their inspirational music.


Check out the official Ploutone playlist on Spotify to discover new artists or share your own favorites with us!


Our Modern Guitar Heroes

Alex Cooke - Wave Types

Alex is one of our absolute favorite guitarists and songwriters who combines heavy-hitting rhythms and modern, blues style licks to create an incredibly tasteful instrumental medley of classic and modern sounds. Alex is of a rare breed of musicians that truly know how to make their instrument sing like no other. His music provides a lesson to all guitarists that it is not about complexity, nor the number of notes that we play, but how we play those notes and what we do with the space between them.

Mike Coscia - Interiors

Mike is a super talented guitarist and songwriter for his instrumental progressive metalcore band, Interiors. His music incorporates quintessential prog metal chugging, a healthy dose of syncopation, and melodic phrasing to create a completely unique and highly aesthetic sound.

Connor Kaminski

Connor is a young composer and musician who has already begun to blaze a new trail for the progressive guitar community early in his career. His music incorporates a perfect balance of tasteful phrasing and phenomenal shredding, taking his audience to entirely new auditory dimensions.