Cort Guitars
Enter the captivating world of Cort Guitars, where affordability meets excellence. Cort is renowned for providing top-notch specifications and high-quality materials without the premium price tag, making your dream of owning a high-quality guitar a reality. With an emphasis on versatility, their diverse range of instruments caters to musicians of all genres and playing styles, from classic to contemporary. Cort Guitars sets itself apart by incorporating world-class pickups like Seymour Duncan and Fishman Fluence, delivering dynamic tones that suit every musician, all at an accessible price point. Discover the unmatched value of Cort Guitars and find the perfect instrument to elevate your musical journey.

Cort Guitars

Cort KX100 6-String Electric Guitar in Black Metallic


Cort KX507 7-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar in Stardust Black


Cort KX700 EverTune 6-String Electric Guitar


Cort KX500EBK 6-String Electric Guitar


Cort G300 Pro Series Double Cutaway 6-String Electric Guitar


Cort KX508 8-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar in Mariana Blue Burst


Cort KX100 6-String Electric Guitar in Iron Oxide Finish


Cort KX100 6-String Electric Guitar in Metallic Ash Finish


Cort X700 Duality II Electric Guitar in Lava Burst


Cort X700 Duality II Electric Guitar in Polar Ice Burst


Cort KX507 7-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar in Stardust Green


Cort Meta Series MBM-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar Satin Black


Cort G300 Pro Series Double Cutaway Electric Guitar - Vivid Burgundy


Cort Gold A6 Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar


Cort G290 FAT II Double Cutaway 6-String Electric Guitar - Antique Violin Burst


Cort Gold Series OC6 Orchestra Bocote Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural Gloss


Cort Core Series Solid Blackwood Acoustic Electric Guitar


Cort GA-PF Grand Regal Bevel Cut Pao Ferro Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural Satin


Cort LUXE II Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural Gloss


Cort G290 FAT II Double Cutaway 6-String Electric Guitar - Trans Black Burst


Cort Gold Series A8 Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar


Cort KX300 6-String Electric Guitar - Etched Black and Gold


Cort G110OPBK G Series Double Cutaway Electric Guitar - Open Pore Black


Cort Core Series Solid Spruce Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Open Pore Trans Black


The History of Cort Guitars

Cort Guitars is a South Korean guitar manufacturer that started as a piano importer in 1960. Founder, Jung-gyu Park, gradually shifted the business to guitar making and released the first Cort-branded guitars in 1982.

Cort initially produced copies of popular models from other brands, but later developed its own original designs and features. Cort also became an OEM manufacturer and currently makes guitars for any well-known guitar companies, such as Ibanez, Fender, Schecter, and G&L. Many guitarists have played an instrument from Cort without knowing it.

Today, they offer a wide range of electric, acoustic, and bass guitars for various genres and budgets. Cort is one of the largest guitar makers in the world and is known for its quality, workmanship, and value.


Cort Guitars has mastered the art of providing premium specifications without breaking the bank. They've cracked the code on bringing together the finest woods, hardware, electronics, and pickups, and they refuse to let sky-high prices get in the way of your dreams.

Imagine a premium guitar that delivers the tone, feel, and reliability, without draining your bank account. That's exactly what Cort Guitars offers. They're on a mission to redefine the meaning of value for money, ensuring that every strum, riff, and chord you play is filled with the utmost satisfaction.


Cort focuses on creating instruments that are versatile and adaptable to any genre and style of music. From their MBM-1 single cut to their KX508 multi-scale 8-string, Cort is dedicated to providing modern musicians with instruments that can cover the wide range of sounds and styles of your favorite artists.

Cort Guitars revolutionizes the guitar industry by incorporating top-of-the-line pickups from renowned brands like Seymour Duncan and Fishman Fluence into their instruments, all at a remarkably affordable price point.

This game-changing move allows guitarists of all levels to experience the rich, dynamic tones that these pickups are known for, without breaking the bank. Whether you're seeking the classic, vintage warmth of Seymour Duncan pickups or the cutting-edge, versatile sound of Fishman Fluence, Cort Guitars has made it their mission to make their high-quality tones accessible to everyone.


Cort Guitars understands that every musician is unique, with their own distinct style and preferences. That's why they've created a diverse range of options and features to cater to every budget and musical taste.

Their KX Series includes a wide range of modern designs such as the wallet friendly KX100 as well as the 7-string multi-scale KX507. It also includes their EverTune equipped KX700, which costs less than nearly any other EverTune equipped guitar on the market.

Cort's G Series incorporate classic designs while offering the same flexibility as the rest of their lineup. For those that stray away from aggressive, modern styles, the G300 is a killer option with innovative specs like a compound radius fretboard and ergo-v neck profile.