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                  Sophia tremolos logoWelcome to the pinnacle of guitar hardware innovation - the Sophia Tremolos Collection. Crafted with precision in the USA, Sophia Tremolos stand as the epitome of technological advancement, providing a quantum leap in performance for both guitarists and luthiers alike. Meticulously designed and manufactured using the finest materials available, these tremolos redefine excellence in the world of guitar hardware.

                  Described by Guitar World as "The Sophia tremolo’s design is such a vast improvement over previous systems that it’s an understatement to call it the most significant tremolo system upgrade introduced since the Floyd Rose," the Sophia Tremolos stand as a testament to relentless innovation, setting a new standard for precision, stability, and performance in the realm of guitar hardware.

                  Become a part of the world's finest luthiers utilizing Sophia Tremolos to craft extraordinary guitars beyond imagination.

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                  Sophia Tremolos by Coherent Sound in Light

                  Sophia Tremolos 2:92 Seven 7-String Headless Tremolo Bridge


                  Sophia Tremolos 3:44 6-String Headless Fixed Bridge


                  Sophia Tremolos 4:44 6-String Headless Fixed Bridge


                  Sophia Tremolos 2:22 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge


                  Sophia Tremolos 2:92 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge


                  Sophia Tremolos 2:92 6-String Deluxe Tremolo Bridge


                  Sophia Tremolos 4:44 6-String Fixed Bridge


                  Sophia Tremolos Headpeace Mini - Headless Guitar Nut


                  Sophia Tremolos Sophia Nut - Headless Guitar Nut


                  An Introduction to Sophia Hardware

                  Luthiers who use Sophia Tremolos

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                  Technological Mastery: Unveiling the Sophia Advantage

                  Discover the technological marvel that is Sophia Tremolos. Recognized by Guitar World as a groundbreaking advancement in guitar hardware, Sophia Tremolos redefine precision and performance. The meticulously engineered design represents a monumental leap forward, surpassing previous systems and earning the title of the most significant tremolo system upgrade since the iconic Floyd Rose. Dive into the realm of unparalleled stability and cutting-edge innovation that Sophia Tremolos bring to your fingertips.

                  Crafted in the USA: Uncompromising Quality and Materials

                  At the heart of Sophia Tremolos is a commitment to excellence that begins with the choice of materials and craftsmanship. Manufactured in the USA, each Sophia Tremolo is a testament to uncompromising quality. The use of the highest-grade materials ensures not only durability but also a rich and resonant tone. Immerse yourself in the confidence that comes with hardware crafted to perfection, designed for guitarists and luthiers who demand nothing but the best.

                  Innovative Features: Beyond Expectations

                  Sophia Tremolos offer a range of models catering to diverse guitar styles and preferences. Whether you wield a Fender® American Strat®, an Original Floyd Rose®-equipped axe, or a Gibson®, Sophia Tremolos have you covered. The inclusion of Low Profile Multiscale Ready options opens up new sonic possibilities, allowing you to explore uncharted musical territories. Elevate your playing experience with a tremolo that not only matches but enhances your musical vision.

                  Versatility Redefined: Tailored Models for Every Guitarist

                  Sophia Tremolos go beyond the conventional, introducing a host of innovative features that set them apart. From alchemical headless and multi-scale capable tremolos and hardtails to DropTuners and HeadPeace Tuners innovations, every detail is designed to enhance your playing experience. The Uno Single Stabilizer Upgrade, tailored for StopBlocks on Sophia 2:22 Tremolos, further demonstrates the commitment to pushing boundaries. Compatible with Fender-style Two-Post and OFR locking systems, Sophia 2:92 and 2:92 Seven Tremolos are poised to revolutionize your guitar's performance. Unleash the full potential of your instrument with Sophia Tremolos - where innovation meets perfection.

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