Explore new musical dimensions with our exceptional collection of Multi-Scale Guitar Bridges. As the popularity of multi-scale guitars continues to soar, Ploutone understands the challenges of finding the perfect bridge for your instrument. That's why we proudly present Nova Guitar Parts' range of multi-scale bridges, expertly crafted to cater to all your multi-scale guitar needs.

Whether you're seeking a multi-scale hardtail, a multi-scale headless bridge, or a multi-scale headless tremolo, your search ends here. Nova Guitar Parts' multi-scale bridges are meticulously constructed using premium materials such as aluminum and brass. Each bridge undergoes meticulous hand-finishing and precise assembly, guaranteeing outstanding tone, impeccable tuning stability, and remarkable durability.

Multi-Scale Guitar Bridges

Nova Guitar Parts 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge


Nova Guitar Parts 6-String Multi-Scale Headless Guitar Bridge


Nova Guitar Parts 8-String Multi-Scale Headless Guitar Bridge


Nova Guitar Parts 7-String Headless Tremolo System


Nova Guitar Parts 8-String Fixed Multi-Scale Guitar Bridge


7-String Multi-Scale Guitar Bridge - Chrome


6-String Multi-Scale Guitar Bridge - Black


6-String Multi-Scale Guitar Bridge - Chrome


8-String Multi-Scale Fixed Guitar Bridge