The guitar industry is constantly evolving to meet the ever-growing demands of modern guitarists. With the increasing variety in guitar playing styles and expanding possibilities, instrument makers have innovated their designs to help guitarists achieve their goals. Multi-scale guitars are one such innovation, designed to provide superior versatility and functionality.

                  Multi-scale guitars have gained popularity among progressive musicians due to their unique design, which enables them to tune to lower registers without sacrificing the mobility and bendability of a short-scale guitar. A longer scale length on the bass strings and a shorter scale length on the treble strings provides all the benefits of a baritone guitar and a standard scale guitar in one instrument.

                  The fanned frets of a multi-scale guitar provide just the right amount of tension on each string for players to tune as low as they desire while still being able to play high notes with ease. This makes multi-scale guitars an excellent choice for guitarists looking for a versatile instrument that can handle a wide range of playing styles and tunings.

                  Multi-Scale Guitars

                  Cort KX507 7-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar in Stardust Black


                  Cort KX508 8-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar in Mariana Blue Burst


                  Cort KX507 7-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar in Stardust Green


                  The Right Tension in the Right Places

                  Multi-scale guitars offer increased tension across the lower strings, resulting in a cleaner and more defined sound. Basses and baritone guitars have longer scale lengths for the same reason. However, with a multi-scale guitar, you don't sacrifice speed and bendability across the higher strings thanks to their shorter scale lengths.

                  Improved Ergonomics

                  Multi-scale guitars offer improved ergonomics due to the more neutral wrist angle when fretting higher up on the fretboard. Unlike traditional guitars that can put strain on the wrist when playing higher notes, the fret angles on a multi-scale guitar result in a more natural and comfortable wrist position.

                  Greater Versatility

                  Having multiple scale lengths means that multi-scale guitars are better suited for a wider variety of music and playing styles than a standard or baritone scale instrument. Multi-scale guitars make it easy to switch between rhythm and lead work without needing to swap guitars.

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