If you're a guitarist who loves to express your unique style and tone, you might want to check out our collection of boutique and handmade guitar picks. These are not your ordinary picks that you can find in any music store. These are carefully crafted in the USA by skilled artisan, GT Plectrums, using high quality materials such as resin, acrylic, Micarta, and stunning woods. Each pick has its own distinctive shape, color, texture, and feel that will enhance your playing experience and help you develop your signature style.

These beautiful guitar picks not only look stunning, they offer distinct tones that make your sound standout from the crowd. While most guitarists are highly particular about their instrument, many often settle for the same cheap piece of plastic used by nearly every other guitarist. Your guitar pick is one of the most critical aspects of your playing style, and it deserves as much consideration as your guitar, strings, pedals, or amp.

Boutique Guitar Picks

GT Plectrums USA Handmade Hybrid Wood & Resin Guitar Pick 3.5mm


GT Plectrums USA Handmade Acrylic Guitar Pick Standard Narrow 1.8mm


GT Plectrums USA Handmade Acrylic Guitar Pick Flow Shape 1.5mm


GT Plectrums USA Handmade Acrylic Guitar Pick Flow Shape 2.5mm


GT Plectrums USA Handmade Acrylic Guitar Pick Standard 351 2.3mm


GT Plectrums USA Handmade Acrylic Guitar Pick Standard 351 2mm


GT Plectrums USA Handmade Acrylic Guitar Pick Triforce 2mm


GT Plectrums USA Handmade Ruby Red Acrylic Guitar Pick Triforce 2mm


GT Plectrums USA Handmade Guitar Pick Jazz XL 3mmm


High-Quality Guitar Picks: Elevate Your Play

All of our picks from GT Plectrums are handcrafted using materials that are carefully selected for their beauty as well as their durability. A number of these materials, including Micarta, acrylic, and epoxy resin, were designed for commercial applications requiring superior heat and wear-resistant properties.

Don't settle for ordinary picks that limit your potential and expression. Treat yourself to a handmade guitar pick that will make you stand out from the crowd and impress your audience.

Express Yourself with Artisanal Guitar Picks: Ploutone's Collection

At Ploutone, we celebrate the individuality of every guitarist. Our collection of high-quality guitar picks is a testament to this belief. Handmade with meticulous care and a focus on intricate details, each pick is as distinctive as the musician wielding it. No two picks are alike, just like your musical expression.

From metal to jazz, blues to rock, your genre doesn't define you – your style does. Our boutique guitar picks cater to a myriad of musical styles, ensuring that your unique sound finds its perfect match. Elevate your performance and shine among a crowd of guitarists, showcasing your personality through your choice of pick.

Craftsmanship Within Reach: Handmade Guitar Picks for All

We understand the allure of premium craftsmanship, but not everyone can indulge in custom instruments. That's why we present an affordable alternative – our handmade guitar picks. Crafted with the same passion and skill as high-end instruments, these picks are a testament to artistry without breaking the bank.

Discover the satisfaction of owning a finely crafted accessory that complements your musical journey. Our picks offer durability, comfort, and style, standing the test of time. Embrace gear that resonates with your passion and expertise, and enjoy the harmony of exceptional quality that guitarists truly deserve.

We take pride in providing fellow musicians with top-tier guitar picks that enrich every strum and chord.