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Boutique Guitars

Ploutone is proud to support incredibly talented artisan guitar makers from around the world. It is our goal to share their amazing, handcrafted instruments with modern musicians who otherwise may never have discovered them. The boutique guitars created by these luthiers provide a more intimate and personal experience for guitarists. Each instrument is a work of art with a unique story behind it that doesn't begin in a giant factory. Their beauty and originality breaths inspiration that cannot be matched by mass produced guitars. The level detail and quality of a handmade electric guitar can be felt with every note.

If you are looking for a guitar that will take your skill and style to the next level while providing you with limitless inspiration, be sure to check out our partners below to see what's in stock or reach out to start designing your very own.

We plant 5 trees with every guitar purchased!

PB Guitars

Peter sets himself apart from other custom guitar makers by offering innovative technical solutions and unique designs that deviate from the mainstream. With ergonomic features and lightweight materials, his instruments deliver comfort, precision, and tone beyond your wildest dreams.
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Lionheart Guitars

For guitarists seeking out the best electric guitars of the modern era, look no further! Lionheart Guitars combines extraordinary artistry, premium materials, and innovative design to create stunning, handcrafted, modern guitars. Between the distinct features and remarkable tone, there is no mistaking a boutique instrument from Lionheart Guitars.
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IS Custom Guitars

IS Custom Guitars creates exceptionally unique instruments, ranging from classical 8-string nylons to modern headless guitars and basses. Every work of art from their shop is designed to be an extension of the musician, offering extraordinary looks, sound, and feeling. You dream it, IS Custom Guitars builds it.
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Rebirth Guitar Co.

Just down the road from Ploutone, in Denver, Colorado, is where Rebirth Guitar Co. crafts high-performance instruments that are as unique as the guitarists that play them. Master Luthier, Lance Gregory, is an incredible artist whose commitment to his customers goes unrivaled. Every boutique guitar from Rebirth is a work of art and an extension of the musician that cannot be replicated.
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Sahana Guitars

At the base of the Himalayas in Kathmandu, the team at Sahana creates boutique guitars that are as majestic as the mountains which surround them. Their handmade instruments are meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern guitarists. Very few guitars on the market can match the versatility, style, and performance of Sahana Guitars.
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Boutique guitars are becoming increasingly popular as musicians and guitar enthusiasts alike are recognizing the superior craftsmanship and customer service that comes with these instruments. These high-end instruments are handcrafted by skilled luthiers and offer a level of customization and quality that is rarely found in mass-produced guitars. 

One of the key differences between boutique guitars and factory-made guitars is the level of attention to detail that goes into the construction of each instrument. Boutique guitar builders are often small, independent companies or individual luthiers who take great care in crafting each guitar to the highest standards. The reason for this is that their brand, and ultimately their livelihood, depends on their product quality much more so than an individual in an assembly line at a bigger company. This makes each guitar much more personal and valuable to these luthiers.

Another key difference between boutique guitars and mass-produced guitars is the materials used in their construction. Boutique guitar builders often use high-quality, responsibly sourced woods. These woods are chosen for their unique beauty and tonal qualities and are often carefully selected and hand-matched to create the perfect sound and aesthetic. On the flipside, larger brands receive massive bulk orders of wood, some of which boutique luthiers wouldn’t even touch. In addition, boutique guitar builders often use premium parts, such as custom-wound pickups and high-quality hardware, to ensure the best possible sound and performance.

Aside from their superior quality, boutique guitars are revered for their uniqueness and the level of customizability offered by independent luthiers. From non-traditional neck shapes to one-of-a-kind inlays and unique finishes, the combination of specs and original features on a boutique guitar cannot be matched in a factory setting. 

While boutique guitars are sometimes more expensive than mass-produced guitars, there are many standard models from big brands that fetch a similar price, yet do not offer the level of quality, craftsmanship, and customer service you receive from a boutique instrument. There’s no better way to set apart your style and sound than a fully custom instrument from an artisan luthier.

Boutique guitars are a great choice for musicians and guitar enthusiasts who are looking for a high-quality, handcrafted instrument that offers unique sound and character. With their attention to detail and use of premium materials, the build quality of boutique guitars far surpasses their factory-made counterparts. If you are in the market for your dream guitar, be sure to hit us up so we can find you the perfect luthier for the job.

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