Line 6 Catalyst 60 - 60-Watt Modeling Guitar Amp - Ploutone
Line 6 Catalyst 60 - 60-Watt Modeling Guitar Amp - Ploutone
Line 6 Catalyst 60 - 60-Watt Modeling Guitar Amp - Ploutone
Line 6 Catalyst 60 - 60-Watt Modeling Guitar Amp - Ploutone
Line 6 Catalyst 60 - 60-Watt Modeling Guitar Amp - Ploutone

    Line 6 Catalyst 60 - 60-Watt Modeling Guitar Amp

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      Unleash Your Tone, Unbridle Your Creativity

      The Line 6 Catalyst 60 isn't just an amp, it's a portal to a sonic universe. This 60-watt, dual-channel powerhouse delivers pristine cleans, roaring high-gain, and everything in between, all meticulously crafted with Line 6's renowned HX® modeling technology.


      Six Original Amp Designs, Endless Possibilities

        • Blackface Clean: Sparkling cleans reminiscent of vintage American classics.
        • Plexi Crunch: Fat, creamy overdrive that defined British rock royalty.
        • Tweed Deluxe: Twangy bite and chiming clarity for blues and country.
        • Modern High-Gain: Brutal distortion for chugging riffs and soaring solos.
        • Boutique Boutique: Unique character and flavor from boutique amp builders.
        • Acoustic Sim: Go unplugged with stunningly realistic acoustic guitar emulations.


      Sculpt Your Sound with Precision

      With a dedicated Boost and Reverb section, 18 onboard effects (including delays, choruses, tremolos, and more), and an effects loop for integrating your own pedals, the Catalyst 60 is a tone-shaping chameleon. Fine-tune every parameter with the free Catalyst Edit app for desktop and mobile devices, making your sonic vision a reality.


      Ready for Anything, Anywhere

      The Catalyst 60 is as versatile as your musical ambition. Whether you're jamming in the bedroom, rocking out on stage, or laying down tracks in the studio, this amp adapts to your needs. Take advantage of:

        • Power Attenuator: Play at any volume with half-power, 0.5-watt, and mute options.
        • XLR Line Output: Connect directly to a PA system for professional-grade sound.
        • 4-Channel USB Recording Interface: Capture studio-quality audio straight from your amp.
        • MIDI In via USB: Control external devices and integrate seamlessly with DAWs.
        • Optional LFS2 Footswitch: Unleash hands-free control over channels, effects, and more.


      Durable, Portable, Built to Inspire

      The Catalyst 60 is built to withstand the rigors of the road and inspire you wherever you play. Its sturdy construction ensures years of reliable use, while its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport.


      More Than Just an Amp, It's Your Sonic Partner

      The Line 6 Catalyst 60 is more than just an amplifier; it's a partner in your musical journey. It's the freedom to explore any genre, the confidence to express your unique voice, and the power to unleash your sonic potential.



        • 60-watt Dual-Channel 1x12 Combo Amp
        • 6 Original Amp Designs: Blackface Clean, Plexi Crunch, Tweed Deluxe, Modern High-Gain, Boutique Boutique, Acoustic Sim
        • Dedicated Boost and Reverb Sections
        • 18 Onboard Effects: Delays, Choruses, Tremolos, and More
        • Effects Loop for Integrating External Pedals
        • Power Attenuator: Half-Power, 0.5-Watt, Mute
        • XLR Line Output for PA Connection
        • 4-Channel USB Recording Interface
        • MIDI In via USB
        • Mac®/iOS®/PC/Android™ Connectivity via USB
        • Free Catalyst Edit App for Deep Editing
        • Optional LFS2 Footswitch for Hands-Free Control
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