The guitar pick, also known as a plectrum, is an often-underestimated tool in a guitarist's setup. While many guitarists spend loads of money on amps, effects, and guitars, very few take the time to experiment with different guitar picks and find one that works best for them. Instead, they use the same plectrums that nearly 99% of other guitarists use, and while we certainly wouldn't argue against the effectiveness of some of these timeless designs, we do believe it is important to try out a variety of picks.

We all have different hand shapes, playing styles, and goals, and it only makes sense that the same handful of pick designs aren't be optimal for every player. At Ploutone, we provide a variety of plectrums from classic shapes, to handcrafted, thick guitar picks, so that guitarists can discover which works best for them. So put down that pick you've been using since you were a newbie, and spend a few hours testing different plectrums. You might just be shocked by how much your technique and tone improve.