Ploutone is proud to be the only North American retailer of Nova Guitar Parts, a boutique manufacturer of superior guitar hardware including multiscale bridges, headless bridges, headless tremolos. Since 2017 Nova's mission has been to provide guitarists with the highest level of precision, comfort, and reliability so you can put more focus and less effort into your playing. Working closely with luthiers around the world, they continue to refine and evolve their products to create the best hardware available to guitarists.

All of Nova Guitar Parts' products are machined from solid blocks of high-grade aluminum and brass using the latest CNC technology and hand polished to finish, guaranteeing the highest level of consistency and quality. Every material is thoughtfully selected, and every part is carefully designed with the guitarist in mind. The end result is exceptional sound, unmatched playability, and the gold standard for electric guitar hardware.

Unlike conventional electric guitar bridges with angular features and industrial designs, Nova Guitar Parts' bridges look as smooth as they play. Gone are the days of electric guitar bridges and saddles that look like they belong in a car's engine compartment. Nova Guitar Parts is revolutionizing the game with superior ergonomics and aesthetics.

Our wide variety of premium hardware from Nova Guitar Parts includes 6-string, 7-string, and 8-string bridges in standard, multiscale, single saddle, and tremolo designs.  

Whether you are upgrading your current guitar, or designing a whole new instrument, Nova Guitar Parts is the right choice for high-quality hardware that is sure to provide you with incredible sound and playability.