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Hone Your Tone

From perfecting guitar tone settings to boosting skills with stretches and speed techniques, discover a treasure trove of articles for guitarists of all levels.

Introduction Blues music, a genre steeped in emotion and raw feeling, has captivated audiences for...

by Brett Quattrucci on May 13, 2024

Unlock the secrets to crafting your own signature lead guitar tone! This comprehensive guide reveals the essential building blocks - from guitars and amps to must-have pedals - that iconic players use to sculpt their legendary sounds.

by Brett Quattrucci on April 15, 2024

Introduction The pursuit of the perfect guitar tone is an endless quest undertaken by guitarists...

by Brett Quattrucci on February 09, 2024

Gear Talk

Your hub for sonic exploration. Dive into the world of guitars, pedals, picks, and beyond, as we dissect, review, and guide you through the realm of musical gear. Unlock new dimensions of sound and elevate your musical toolkit with our comprehensive gear coverage.

Unleash Your Guitar's Personality with the Perfect Pickguard Your guitar's pickguard is more than just...

by Brett Quattrucci on May 07, 2024

This guide explores popular designs and dimensions for guitars, basses, and acoustics, helping you find the perfect pre-made pickguard or equipping you to create your own DIY custom masterpiece. Let's find your dream pickguard!

by Brett Quattrucci on May 03, 2024

Introduction In the world of music, the electric guitar stands as an iconic symbol of...

by Brett Quattrucci on October 09, 2023

Modern Guitarists

Explore our blog delving into the extraordinary realm of contemporary guitar virtuosos like Plini, Mateus Asato, and more. Immerse yourself in their innovative techniques, musical journeys, and inspiring stories.

           Image Credit: Mateus Asato on Youtube   If you’re reading...

by Brett Quattrucci on August 04, 2023

Introduction 8-string guitars have been around for a while, but only recently have they gained...

by Brett Quattrucci on April 06, 2023

If you're a guitar enthusiast, you're probably familiar with the names Plini, Tosin Abasi, Alex...

by Brett Quattrucci on March 26, 2023