Lionheart Guitars is owned and operated by the exceptionally talented luthier, Kem Lionheart. In his homeland of Indonesia, Kem crafts one-of-a-kind instruments featuring an incredible level of artistry and individuality. Kem produces some of the most detailed inlays on the market. Oftentimes using glow-in-the-dark resins in both the fretboard and the body to create extraordinary designs featuring powerful symbols of nature such as lightning or the ocean. Kem's skills seem to be virtually limitless, and it's no surprise that his work is represented by incredible artists such as Charles Caswell of Berried Alive. Lionheart guitars are perfectly suited for modern, heavy music, while being surprisingly versatile across genres. These instruments are built to perform and to inspire. If you are looking for a boutique guitar that will upgrade your sound and constantly motivate you to play, then you have to try a Lionheart.

We plant 5 trees with every guitar purchased.

There are currently no available spots for custom builds from Lionheart 

 Please contact us to build a custom guitar with one of our other partnering luthiers. 

Lionheart Guitars Bathara
lionheart guitars bathara
Lionheart guitars
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Lionheart Guitars Bathara
Lionheart Guitars Bathara
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