PB Guitars LogoPeter Bachmaier is a custom guitar maker based near Munich, specializing in crafting high-quality handmade electric guitars with a commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. Every year, he creates just 6-8 bespoke guitars for his clients using the finest and most sustainable materials available.

Bachmaier takes great pride in his precision German craftsmanship and prioritizes the health of guitarists and the environment by using natural materials like wood, metal, bone, shells, leather, stones, glass, and oil. He also goes the extra mile by sourcing high-quality, local wood that has been properly air-dried for many years, and when possible, avoids plastics and lacquers. This dedication to sustainability sets him apart from other custom guitar makers.

His ORION guitar, a masterpiece of modern design with a lightweight aluminum body for exceptional sustain and a total weight of fewer than 7 lbs, features moveable pickups that offer unmatched tonal versatility, allowing you to explore a wide range of sounds you may have never thought possible.

If you're seeking the finest craftsmanship and an instrument that lets you explore music beyond boundaries while making a sustainable choice, don't miss your chance to reserve one of these spectacular handmade electric guitars.

We plant 5 trees with every guitar purchased.

PB Guitars

ORION Purple Princess

PB Guitars ORION Purple Princess

Combining exceptional craftsmanship and innovative technology the ORION is a functional work of modern art.

PB Guitars


PB Guitars SIRIUS (Prototype)

Experience the pinnacle of modern lutherie with the SIRIUS, a meticulously designed and artfully crafted bespoke masterpiece.

PB Guitars

ORION Rustic Mold

PB Guitars ORION Rustic Mold

Discover the innovative ORION Rustic Mold, where advanced constructions meet modern design.