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Demonfx Tape Echo Delay Pedal

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The Demonfx Tape Echo is everything you need in a delay pedal. Its circuitry was carefully designed to produce the famed tape flutter delay effect, and yet its highly adjustable controls allow for wide ranging delay option. This wallet-friendly delay pedal produces a warm echo delay, with a touch of modulation achieved by slightly wavering the pitch on the trails of the repeats. These settings create a wide variety of possible delay styles from true vintage sounding tape flutters to highly unique, modern echos.

The Demonfx Tape Echo lets you set the delay time between 40ms and 600ms for vintage slap-back delays or medium delay times. The regen setting controls the number of repeats for a single slap back echo or runaway, self-ocillating, or self-regenerating echos. The delay level setting allows you to control the volume of delay in your mix. 

Demonfx Tape Echo Features

  • Controls for delay time, regeneration, depth, speed, and level
  • LED speed indicator
  • 40 - 600ms delay time 
  • Power: 9V DC (not included)

This order does not include a power supply.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fernando Tillman

Demonfx Tape Echo Delay Pedal

Nakia Willms

The product sent is as described.

Brain Connelly

Works great.

Clifton O'Hara

Very good unit - does nearly everything that a rland chorus echo does (just add reverb)

Chance Runolfsson

Sturdy built, works well, sounds great!

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