Digitech DOD Boneshaker Distortion Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal from Ploutone
Digitech DOD Boneshaker Distortion Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal from Ploutone
Digitech DOD Boneshaker Distortion Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal from Ploutone

    Digitech DOD Boneshaker Distortion Pedal

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      Unleash bone-rattling distortion and surgical tone-shaping with the DOD Boneshaker. This versatile distortion pedal features a powerful 3-band parametric EQ, allowing you to precisely sculpt your tone for any genre or playing style. Designed specifically for extended range guitars, baritones, and bass, the Boneshaker excels at producing heavy, loud, and low tones that will shake you to your core.


      Versatility Meets Raw Power

      The DOD Boneshaker isn't just about brute force - it's a precision tool for tone crafting. Its unique 3-band parametric EQ allows you to dial in everything from subtle warmth to searing aggression. Need to cut through a dense mix? Boost the mids. Want to add thunderous lows for down-tuned riffs? Crank the low-end. The Boneshaker's tonal flexibility makes it equally at home in the studio or on stage, giving you the power to adapt your sound to any musical situation. Whether you're a bedroom shredder or a touring professional, this pedal will become an indispensable part of your sonic arsenal.



      • Custom analog distortion circuit designed by Black Arts Toneworks
      • 3-band parametric EQ for unparalleled tone-shaping abilities
      • Depth control for enhanced low-end resonance
      • Ideal for extended range guitars, baritones, and bass
      • True bypass switching
      • Pedalboard-friendly 9V DC power input



      • Controls: Distortion, Depth, Level, Low/Mid/High Level and Frequency
      • Input: 1/4" jack
      • Output: 1/4" jack
      • Power: 9V DC (power supply not included)
      • Dimensions: 4.68" x 2.63" x 2.25"
      • Weight: 1 lb

      From searing blues leads to crushing metal riffs, the DOD Boneshaker delivers an incredibly versatile palette of distorted tones. Its parametric EQ allows you to surgically boost or cut specific frequencies, giving you unprecedented control over your sound. Whether you're looking to add some grit to your clean tone or unleash face-melting distortion, the Boneshaker has you covered.

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