Ginean Ringmod Pedal,Hairy Fuzz Pedal,Overdrive Effect Pedal,Distortion Effect Pedal,Boost Pedal  from Ploutone
Ginean Hairy Show Fuzz Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal from Ploutone
Ginean Hairy Show Fuzz Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal from Ploutone
Ginean Hairy Show Fuzz Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal from Ploutone

    Ginean Hairy Show Fuzz Pedal

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      Unleash Fuzz Fury: The Ginean Hairy Show Fuzz Pedal

      Inject your sound with a wild dose of fuzz mayhem with the Ginean Hairy Show Fuzz Pedal. Inspired by the legendary DOD Carcosa, this pedal delivers a unique and versatile fuzz experience that goes beyond typical fuzz face or muff tones.


      Architect Your Fuzz Frenzy

      Dial in Your Dirt: Craft the precise level of fuzz you crave with the Preset knob, controlling the overload threshold. From subtle fuzz to thunderous roar, this pedal puts the power of fuzz at your fingertips.

      Feedback for Days: Introduce a swirling vortex of feedback with the dedicated Feedback knob, adding a distinctive character to your fuzz.

      Shape Your Sizzle: Sculpt your high frequencies with the Hi-Cut knob, ensuring your fuzz cuts through the mix or maintains a smoother character depending on your preference.

      Demhe or Hali? Choose Your Fuzz Fate:

      • Demhe Mode: Engage Demhe mode for a fuzz sound boasting enhanced bass and volume, perfect for thick, bottom-heavy riffs.

      • Hali Mode: Switch to Hali mode for a sharper, more cutting fuzz ideal for searing leads and aggressive tones.

      Silence Between Storms: Experience absolute silence during playing pauses with the Ginean Hairy Show's ultra-low noise floor. Focus on your music, not unwanted noise.

      Beyond the Basics: This pedal offers features rarely seen in fuzz pedals, like adjustable transistor bias. Unlock a world of splatty, gated fuzz tones and explore the full potential of fuzz mayhem.

      Classic to Modern Fuzz Odyssey: Explore a vast sonic palette with the Ginean Hairy Show. From classic Rolling Stones fuzz to the modern fuzz explorations of Jack White, this pedal is your gateway to fuzz history and innovation.



      • Versatile fuzz tones, exceeding Fuzz Face and Muff styles
      • Internal 9V battery connection
      • Preset knob for controlling fuzz overload level
      • Feedback knob for introducing swirling sonic textures
      • Hi-Cut knob for shaping high-frequency content
      • Demhe mode for bass-heavy fuzz and Hali mode for cutting fuzz
      • Ultra-low noise floor for quiet operation between playing
      • Adjustable transistor bias for unique and splatty fuzz tones
      • Tunable Hi-Cut for compatibility with various guitars, amps, and pedals
      • Hali mode enhances traditional overdriven tones

      Please note: Power supply not included. Requires a standard 9v DC adapter.

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