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Ginean Phaser Guitar Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal from Ploutone
Ginean Phaser Guitar Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal from Ploutone

    Ginean Phaser Guitar Pedal

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      Embark on a Sonic Phase Shift: The Ginean Phaser Pedal

      Unearth a world of swirling, hypnotic textures with the Ginean Phaser Guitar Pedal. This versatile stompbox delivers a warm, simulated phase shift effect, perfect for adding dynamic movement and dimension to your sound.


      Sculpt Your Shimmer

      Intuitive Control: Craft your ideal phase sounds with the easy-to-use knobs. Adjust the Speed control to tailor the rate of the phasing effect, from subtle warble to rapid pulsation.

      Feedback for Resonance: Dial in the desired level of resonant emphasis with the Feedback knob. Clockwise adjustments create more prominent peaks, adding a swirling intensity to your phase effect.

      Depth of Modulation: The Depth knob controls the overall intensity of the phase shift effect. Experiment with subtle modulation or dive headfirst into swirling sonic seas.

      Dry/Wet Blend: The Mix knob empowers you to seamlessly blend your dry, unprocessed signal with the wet, phase-shifted signal. Find the perfect balance to create everything from subtle phase enhancement to complete sonic transformation.


      Classic Tones at Your Fingertips

      Channel Iconic Sounds: With the strategic adjustment of the Mix and Feedback knobs, conjure up the legendary phase tones of the Electro-Harmonix Small Stone and vintage Phase 90 pedals. Explore the rich history of phase shifting and find your own unique voice.


      Find Your Perfect Blend

      The Ginean Phaser Guitar Pedal offers unparalleled control over your dry-to-wet signal ratio. Effortlessly create subtle phase enhancements, pulsating rhythmic textures, or complete sonic transformations. This pedal is your gateway to a world of sonic possibilities.



      • Warm, simulated phase shift effect
      • Internal 9V battery connection
      • Speed control for adjusting phasing rate
      • Feedback control for emphasizing resonant peaks
      • Depth control for shaping the intensity of the phase shift
      • Mix control for blending dry and wet signals
      • Easy-to-use knobs for intuitive sound creation
      • Compact and roadworthy construction

      Please note: Power supply not included. Requires a standard 9v DC adapter.

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