IRIN AC Tone Analog Overdrive Pedal: Classic British Rock (AC30 Vox) for Electric Guitar & Bass (True Bypass) Default Title - Ploutone

    IRIN AC Tone Analog Overdrive Pedal: Classic British Rock (AC30 Vox) for Electric Guitar & Bass (True Bypass)

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      Step into the footsteps of rock royalty with the IRIN AC Tone. This pedal evokes the warmth and richness of the iconic AC30 Vox amp, a sound that graced countless anthems from The Beatles to U2. Experience subtle distortion perfect for rhythm and lead playing, all with 6 controls for precise EQ and overdrive shaping. True bypass design keeps your signal pure, letting the classic British rock legacy flow through your music.


      Channel the Classic British Rock Spirit:

        • Authentic AC30 Vox Amp Tones: Immerse yourself in the warmth and richness of the legendary Vox AC30, the amp that powered countless rock anthems by The Beatles, U2, and beyond. Recreate those iconic chiming cleans and subtle overdrive that defined a generation.
        • Subtle Distortion for Rhythm & Lead: This pedal isn't about face-melting gain, but rather crafting smooth, nuanced overdrive perfect for both rhythmic bite and soaring lead lines. Add texture and character to your playing without sacrificing clarity.
        • Precise EQ & Overdrive Shaping: Take control of your tone with 6 dedicated knobs: Low, Mid, High, Level, Voice, and Drive. Fine-tune your EQ to perfection and dial in the ideal amount of overdrive for any genre or playing style.

      Versatility & True Bypass:

        • True Bypass Design: When you're not chasing classic rock glory, your signal remains untainted. True bypass ensures your guitar's natural character shines through, even when the pedal is disengaged.
        • Genre-Bending Versatility: From sparkling cleans to smooth overdrive, the IRIN AC Tone caters to a range of styles beyond classic rock. Inject vintage British vibe into blues, country, or even modern indie-rock sounds.


        • Experience the warmth and richness of the iconic AC30 Vox amp in a convenient pedal.
        • Craft subtle distortion ideal for both rhythm and lead playing.
        • Shape your tone precisely with 6 dedicated controls for EQ and overdrive.
        • Maintain your guitar's natural character with True bypass design.
        • Inject classic British rock vibe into diverse musical styles.

      Step into the legacy of rock royalty and let the IRIN AC Tone unleash your inner sonic legend!

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