IRIN Southside Analog Overdrive Pedal: Mesa Boogie MKII Tone & Crunch for Electric Guitar & Bass (True Bypass) - Ploutone

    IRIN Southside Analog Overdrive Pedal: Mesa Boogie MKII Tone & Crunch for Electric Guitar & Bass (True Bypass)

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      Crave the legendary Mesa Boogie MKII sound? Look no further than the IRIN Southside! This stompbox delivers natural, focused rock tones with 6 knobs for complete sound sculpting. From warm cleans to crunchy overdrive, the Southside lets you channel your inner rock beast. True-bypass design ensures pristine signal and lets your guitar truly shine.


      Capture the Mesa Boogie Magic:

        • Authentic MKII Sounds: This pedal isn't just inspired by the legendary Mesa Boogie MKII amp, it captures its essence. Experience the natural, focused rock tones that fueled countless guitar heroes, from warm cleans to biting overdrive.
        • Complete Tone Sculpting: With 6 dedicated knobs (Gain, Mid, Treble, Presence, Voice, Boost), you have complete control over your sound. Craft the perfect Mesa Boogie character for any genre or playing style.
        • Warm Cleans & Crunchy Overdrive: Whether you're laying down smooth rhythm chords or unleashing soaring leads, the Southside delivers the full spectrum of classic Mesa Boogie tones, all with remarkable clarity and punch.

      Built for Rock & Tone Purists:

        • True-Bypass Design: When you're not channeling your inner rock beast, your precious guitar signal remains untouched. True bypass ensures your instrument's natural character shines through, even when the pedal is disengaged.
        • Effortless Control: Intuitive knobs make crafting your perfect Mesa Boogie sound quick and easy. No endless menu diving or digital complexity, just pure analog tone shaping at your fingertips.


        • Unleash the iconic Mesa Boogie MKII sound in a convenient pedal format.
        • Craft your perfect rock tone with exceptional clarity and punch using 6 dedicated controls.
        • Enjoy warm cleans and crunchy overdrive, perfect for diverse playing styles.
        • Preserve your guitar's natural character and signal integrity with True Bypass design.
        • Experience the raw power and tonal versatility that made the Mesa Boogie MKII an amp legend.

      Embrace the Southside and let your inner rock beast roar!

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