Karma Guitar Amps MTN-10 Overdrive Pedal - Ploutone
Karma Guitar Amps MTN-10 Overdrive Pedal - Ploutone
Karma Guitar Amps MTN-10 Overdrive Pedal - Ploutone
Karma Guitar Amps MTN-10 Overdrive Pedal - Ploutone
Karma Guitar Amps MTN-10 Overdrive Pedal - Ploutone

    Karma Guitar Amps MTN-10 Overdrive Pedal

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      The Karma Guitar Amps MTN-10 Overdrive is a highly versatile and dynamic overdrive pedal that offers guitar players a range of tonal possibilities. This mostortion clone was designed by legendary Nashville producer, Greg Droman, to help players achieve the perfect sound for their rig, whether it be for a subtle boost or a snarling distortion.

      At its core, the MTN-10 is an overdrive pedal that utilizes the CA3260 IC chip, which was also used in the original MT10, to deliver a touch-sensitive, amp-like sound. With its 3-band EQ, volume, and drive knobs, players can easily sculpt and shape their tone to their liking, making it easy to achieve a wide range of sounds with this one pedal. Whether you're in need of a smooth, creamy overdrive for your solos or a crunchy distortion for your rhythm playing, the MTN-10 has you covered.

      The flexible and dynamic EQ control of the MTN-10 is what makes it a true tone-shaping powerhouse and separates its sound from other overdrive pedals. With the versatility to pair well with any guitar or pickup configuration, the MTN-10 can help you achieve all of your favorite overdrive tones. Regardless of your gear or style MTN-10's wide range of gain and tonal shaping capabilities make it the ideal choice for players looking for a truly dynamic overdrive pedal.

      The Karma MTN-10 is built to last, with each pedal being meticulously hand-wired and tested to ensure its quality and reliability. The pedal features high-quality parts throughout its build, so you can be confident that it will stand up to the rigors of the road and perform like a champion for years to come.

      If you're looking for an overdrive pedal that can help you achieve a wide range of tonal possibilities, the Karma Guitar Amps MTN-10 Overdrive is an excellent choice. With its touch-sensitive, amp-like sound, wide range of gain, and highly versatile EQ control, this pedal is a must-have for players looking to take their tone to the next level. Check out the demo video to hear it in action!

      "Without a doubt the Karma MTN-10 is a worthy torchbearer that surpasses the original in build quality, price, and availability." - Premier Guitar

      “I don’t even know what to say…This pedal is fantastic!... Terrific low-end definition. It sounds deep and muscular without losing clarity… And you can really dial in some really sweet vocal sounding lead tones."Rob McNelley (Joe Bonamassa, Buddy Guy, Delbert McClinton, Bob Seger, and many others)

      "Dang Greg… Sold!! Your Karma pedal sounds great. Just returned home, settling in and plugged it in for the first time this afternoon. Immediate! Brings the guitar to life."Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Pete Droge, Sarah McLachlan, and many others)

      “The first thing I noticed with the pedal was how well I could still ‘hear and feel’ my guitars’ natural tone through the distortion – which in itself is beautiful – from warm subtle tube amp type saturation through to full blown shred mode. Great clarity and detail in every mode." - Neale Heywood (Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham)

      Karma MTN-10 Features:

      • Transparent, amp-like OD/Distortion
      • Premium quality parts and plated-through pcb
      • Robust construction for a life on the road
      • Meticulously built and tested in the United States
      • True bypass switching
      • CA3260 IC chip as in the original
      • Custom powder coated and silk-screened enclosure
      • Flexible 3-knob EQ for wide ranging tone control
      • Plenty of gain to push the front end of your amp
      • Great touch sensitivity – highly dynamic
      • 9v external power only @ 11ma (DC jack is on the side)
      • Fantastic as a clean boost
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