LEKATO WS-70 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System - Ploutone
LEKATO WS-70 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System - Ploutone
LEKATO WS-70 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System - Ploutone
LEKATO WS-70 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System - Ploutone
LEKATO WS-70 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System - Ploutone

    LEKATO WS-70 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System

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      Experience the freedom of wireless performance with the LEKATO WS-70 Wireless Guitar System. This versatile system eliminates the need for a cable between your guitar and amp, allowing you to move around the stage and own the spotlight.


      70 Channels for Interference-Free Performance

      The WS-70 takes your wireless experience to the next level with its impressive 70-channel UHF system. This abundance of channels allows you to select the optimal frequency for your playing environment, effectively eliminating interference from other wireless systems. A single transmitter can connect to four receivers for versatile setups.


      Ultra-Low Latency for Uncompromised Sound

      The advanced UHF technology ensures pristine audio quality with a latency of less than 3 milliseconds. This means you can shred, bend notes, and play intricate passages with the confidence that your sound will remain accurate, detailed, and perfectly in time. No lag, no signal loss – just pure, unadulterated musical expression.


      Simple Setup, Stellar Performance

      The LEKATO WS-70 is designed for effortless use. Simply plug the transmitter into your instrument and the receiver into your amp and hold down the signal key for pairing. No need for complicated menus or additional configurations. The WS-70 is perfect for musicians who want to focus on playing, not tech headaches.


      Long-Lasting Performance, Convenient Charging

      The built-in rechargeable lithium batteries provide over 4.5 hours of playing time on a single charge, keeping you powered through rehearsals, gigs, and practice sessions. The system also includes a dual-ended USB cable for convenient recharging, ensuring you're always ready to rock.


      Unleash Your Potential with Widespread Compatibility

      The LEKATO WS-70 is compatible with a wide range of instruments, including electric guitars, bass guitars, electric-acoustic guitars, and most other popular electric musical instruments with a pickup (excluding battery-powered guitars). With a full 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response, the WS-70 faithfully transmits your instrument's natural tone, ensuring you sound your best.



      • Wireless Technology: UHF
      • Number of Channels: 70
      • Latency: Less than 3 milliseconds
      • Transmission Range: Up to 100 feet
      • Battery Life: Over 4.5 hours per charge (transmitter and receiver)
      • Power Supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
      • Charging: Dual-ended USB cable included
      • Compatibility: Electric guitars, bass guitars, electric-acoustic guitars, most popular electric instruments with pickups (Note: Not recommended for battery-powered guitars)
      • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
      • Other Features: Plug and play functionality, automatic pairing
      • May not be compatible with some active pickups
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Flo Kunze

      Great quality of the material and worked perfectly. For those who want to use it to live it also works, but you have to buy this access that I put in the photo. Irig

      Litzy Jacobson

      Just got in, tried, works well. Happy to come.

      Maurine Pacocha

      This wireless system works great...I love it ! Thank you !

      Albin Cassin

      Works great. I love it ! Thank you !

      Lexus Gottlieb

      Super functionality, no latency.