Line 6 HX Effects Multi-Effects Floor Processor - Ploutone
Line 6 HX Effects Multi-Effects Floor Processor - Ploutone
Line 6 HX Effects Multi-Effects Floor Processor - Ploutone
Line 6 HX Effects Multi-Effects Floor Processor - Ploutone
Line 6 HX Effects Multi-Effects Floor Processor - Ploutone

    Line 6 HX Effects Multi-Effects Floor Processor

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      Unleash Creative Sonic Power with Line 6 HX Effects 

      Discover a world of sonic exploration through the Line 6 HX Effects. This compact dynamo transforms your tone and effects experience with its groundbreaking features, seamless integration, and limitless creative potential. Let's explore how this powerhouse changes the game.


      Instant Inspiration with Dynamic Features

      Dive into 126 finely tuned presets, tailored for guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and acoustic players. Designed to ignite immediate inspiration, the HX Effects provides a vast range of tones for every application.


      Seamless Integration and Amp Flexibility

      Modern amp enthusiasts, rejoice! Unlock the power of the 4-cable method, positioning front-end and back-end effects precisely where they belong in your signal chain. Preconfigured 4-cable presets pave the way for crafting personalized patches that match your distinct style.


      Comprehensive I/O for Unparalleled Versatility

      The HX Effects transcends traditional multi-effects units, offering a comprehensive array of I/O choices. From pristine signal quality via stereo TS ins and balanced TRS outs to seamless integration of your favorite effects via the FX loop, it's a versatile powerhouse. MIDI, TRS expression pedal/footswitch jacks, and USB connections cater to intricate setups and effortless patch management.


      Intuitive Control and Effortless Editing

      Bid farewell to complexity. Inspired by the renowned Helix series, the HX Effects introduces three capacitive touch footswitches. Effortlessly adjust settings by touching the desired switch. Equipped with vibrant color-coded LEDs, visibility remains crystal clear under any stage lighting.


      Studio-Quality Recording Made Effortless

      Elevate your studio recording setup with the HX Effects. Experience intuitive tone shaping akin to the stage. USB connectivity and high-resolution audio guarantee timeless recordings that will resonate for generations.


      Join the Helix Family with Line 6 HX Effects

      Integrated with the esteemed Helix family's arsenal of models and effects, the HX Effects brings authenticity to every modulation, overdrive, and delay. Craft your sound journey with confidence and finesse.


      Experience Limitless Creativity with Helix Native Software

      Dive into Helix Native software, granting access to 60+ electric guitar and bass amplifier models and over 100 diverse effects. Your DAW becomes a playground for top-tier HX modeling prowess.

      The Line 6 HX Effects: Ignite your creativity, redefine your sound, and be part of the revolution in sonic exploration.


      • Type: Multi-Effects Processor
      • Amp Models: 32
      • Cabinet Models: 16
      • Presets: 126
      • I/O: Stereo TS ins, Balanced TRS outs, FX loop, MIDI in/out, TRS expression pedal/footswitch jacks, USB
      • Footswitches: 3 capacitive touch switches with color-coded LEDs
      • USB Interface: Multichannel for streamlined recording
      • Bypass: True bypass switching for uncolored signal
      • Cab IR Support: Third-party cab IR compatibility
      • Helix Family Integration: Access to Helix family models and effects
      • Helix Native Software: Over 60 amplifier models, 100+ effects for your DAW

      The Line 6 HX Effects redefines versatility, creativity, and performance. Experience a universe of tones, effects, and possibilities that will amplify your musical journey. Elevate your sound and join the Helix family with the HX Effects today.

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