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    Morley 20/20 Lead Wah Boost Pedal

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      Elevate your solos and add dynamic wah-wah effects with the Morley 20/20 Lead Wah Boost Pedal. Designed to deliver ripping tones and noise-free operation, this pedal is your ticket to lead guitar greatness. Whether you're rocking out on stage or recording in the studio, the 20/20 Lead Wah Boost offers unmatched performance and convenience. Step into a new era of pedal innovation and discover the potential of your lead guitar playing with Morley's 20/20 series.

      Elevate Your Solos with the Morley 20/20 Lead Wah Boost Pedal

      Unleash your inner lead guitarist with the Morley 20/20 Lead Wah Boost Pedal, a versatile unit that combines the power of two high-gain-voiced wah-wahs in a compact pedalboard-friendly design. This pedal is all about ripping tones, boasting a wide sweep and mid-focused sound that's tailor-made for soloing. Whether you're looking to add a killer boosted-wah tone to your playing, elevate your solos above the mix, or infuse your sound with subtle wah-soaked textures, the 20/20 Lead Wah Boost has you covered.

      Unmatched Performance, Noise-free Operation

      Morley's electro-optical design is the heart of the 20/20 Lead Wah Boost's whisper-quiet operation. Say goodbye to scratchy pots and noisy pedals. The switch-less operation makes activating the wah and boost as simple as stepping on the glow-in-the-dark treadle — engage both effects simultaneously with ease, and bypass them by stepping off. The pedal also features a premium buffer circuit, ensuring your tone remains pure even with lengthy pedal chains. Housed in a rugged cold-rolled steel casing, this pedal is built to withstand the demands of the stage, while the LED indicator and quick-clip battery door provide practical convenience.

      Introducing the Morley 20/20 Series

      The 20/20 Lead Wah Boost is part of Morley's new era of pedals, the 20/20 series. These pedals redefine pedalboard convenience and tone quality. Sized for pedalboards, they include a premium buffer circuit to maintain signal integrity, even through extensive setups. The optical circuitry that replaces traditional gears and potentiometers ensures quiet and reliable performance, setting a new standard for durability. In fact, Morley stands by their 20/20 pedals with a lifetime warranty. All pedals in the series feature glow-in-the-dark treadles and LED indicators, enhancing their stage presence.


      • Combines the tonal character of the 20/20 Lead Wah and 20/20 Wah Boost in one pedal
      • Wide sweep and mid-focused sound for powerful, ripping tones
      • Variable boost from boosted-wah to searing leads to subtle wah-soaked textures
      • Custom MQ2 inductor ensures a clean tone
      • Electro-optical design eliminates scratchy pots
      • Switch-less operation for seamless engagement and bypass
      • Compact size saves pedalboard space
      • Premium buffer circuit prevents tone loss
      • Rugged cold-rolled steel housing for durability
      • LED indicator and quick-clip battery door enhance convenience


      • Pedal Type: Wah, Boost
      • Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
      • Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
      • Controls: Boost
      • Bypass Switching: Buffered
      • Power Source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
      • Power Usage: 12mA
      • Batteries: 1 x 9V
      • Height: 2.75"
      • Width: 4.5"
      • Depth: 6.85"


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