Red Panda Radius Ring Modulator & Frequency Shifter Effect Pedal - Ploutone
Red Panda Radius Ring Modulator & Frequency Shifter Effect Pedal - Ploutone
Red Panda Radius Ring Modulator & Frequency Shifter Effect Pedal - Ploutone
Red Panda Radius Ring Modulator & Frequency Shifter Effect Pedal - Ploutone

    Red Panda Radius Ring Modulator & Frequency Shifter Effect Pedal

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      Experience a Revolution in Ring Modulation

      The Red Panda Radius Ring Modulator & Frequency Shifter Effect Pedal transcends traditional ring mod capabilities. With meticulous control over the balance and frequency ratios of both sidebands, Radius empowers you with unparalleled creative freedom. Craft organic, intricate harmonic structures, forge bell-like tones and metallic textures, explore frequency shifting, conjure soft tremolo effects, and generate effervescent phaser sounds – all at your fingertips.


      Intuitive Playability Meets Studio Power

      Pitch tracking, a dedicated push-to-tune footswitch, and responsive picking dynamics ensure predictability and precision in live performances. When it's time to hit the studio, Radius offers conveniently spaced controls for effortless use on a tabletop surface and a comprehensive MIDI implementation for seamless DAW integration. The studio-grade 24-bit 96 kHz codec, premium audiophile op amps, and stereo input/output solidify Radius's position as a powerhouse at home, in the studio, or within your control room.


      Modernize Your Sonic Arsenal

      Embrace the future of sound design with Radius's multi-waveform LFO, step modulator, and MIDI-playable carrier oscillator. This innovative pedal injects new life into classic electronic techniques, propelling them into the modern era.



      • Stereo Ring Modulator and Frequency Shifter: Achieve a vast sonic palette encompassing both ring modulation and frequency shifting effects.
      • Continuous Mix Control: Effortlessly morph between ring modulation and frequency shifting to tailor your sound.
      • Selectable 2X Frequency Ratios: Sculpt the upper and lower sidebands with two distinct frequency ratios for unmatched creative potential.
      • Frequency Shifting with Feedback: Craft evolving textures and unearth otherworldly soundscapes with frequency shifting feedback.
      • Three Carrier Frequency Ranges: Select from low, high, or quantized carrier frequency ranges to expand your sonic horizons.
      • Carrier Frequency Pitch Tracking: Achieve precise pitch control with monophonic pitch tracking (+/- 100%).
      • Push-to-Tune Carrier Oscillator: Dial in your desired pitch with the intuitive push-to-tune functionality.
      • MIDI-Playable Carrier Oscillator: Take complete command of your sonic textures through MIDI control of the carrier oscillator.
      • Multi-Waveform LFO: Craft dynamic modulations with a versatile LFO offering triangle, square, random, intelligent random, and X mod (+/-) waveforms.
      • Step Modulator: Craft intricate rhythmic modulations with the programmable 1-8 step step modulator.
      • Tap Tempo and MIDI Clock Sync: Maintain perfect timing with tap tempo and MIDI clock synchronization.
      • Envelope Follower: Infuse your sound with dynamic expression using the envelope follower.
      • Envelope-Triggered LFO: Generate unique textures with envelope-triggered LFO options including one-shot ramp, pulse, random, and step mod.
      • Configurable AUX Switch: Assign the AUX switch to tap tempo, tuning, preset selection, or LFO control for personalized workflow.
      • USB and TRS MIDI: Connect with various devices through USB and TRS MIDI connections.
      • Full MIDI Implementation: Integrate Radius seamlessly into your MIDI setup for unparalleled creative freedom.
      • 96 kHz Sampling Rate: Experience pristine audio quality with a studio-grade 96 kHz sampling rate.
      • Web Editor with Preset Upload/Download: Craft, store, and share your signature sounds with ease through the web-based editor.
      • User-Installable Firmware Updates: Keep your Radius on the cutting edge with user-installable firmware updates via USB.
      • Designed and assembled in the USA. Requires a 9V DC 250 mA power supply (not included)
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