Sophia Tremolos 2:22 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge - Ploutone
Sophia Tremolos 2:22 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge - Ploutone
Sophia Tremolos 2:22 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge - Ploutone
Sophia Tremolos 2:22 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge - Ploutone
Sophia Tremolos 2:22 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge - Ploutone
Sophia Tremolos 2:22 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge - Ploutone

    Sophia Tremolos 2:22 6-String Headless Tremolo Bridge

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      The Sophia 2:22 Tremolo is the pinnacle of headless tremolo innovation, offering unparalleled performance and precision that will captivate even the most discerning musician. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to deliver the ultimate playing experience in terms of sound, function, and aesthetics.


      Direct Retrofit for Fender® American Strat® or Similar

      The Sophia 2:22 tremolo system seamlessly integrates with your Fender® American Strat® or similar guitar, featuring a 2.22" riser post spacing and .422" (10.7mm) string spacing for a total of 2.11" (53.59 mm) E to e string spacing. This ensures a perfect fit and familiar playing feel.


      Unleash the Power of Multi-Scale

      Experience the freedom of multi-scale tuning with the Sophia 2:22. Achieve up to approximately 20º (.675") intonation differential between the first and sixth strings, unlocking a universe of sonic possibilities and increased playing comfort.


      Macro-Tuners: Infinite Precision at Your Fingertips

      The Sophia Macro-Tuners offer unparalleled tuning accuracy and control. Choose from the 2:22 Macro-Tuner with an intonation height of .207" or the 2:92 Macro-Tuner with a taller .315" height, both featuring a 60:1 tuning ratio for infinite fine tuning or full range adjustments. For low-profile Fender-type tremolo setups, we recommend the 2:22 saddles with a lower intonation point.


      String-Through Convenience and Patented String Locking

      Say goodbye to string cutting! Both Macro-Tuner options feature a convenient string-through knob design, allowing you to easily load your strings without any modifications. The patented string locking mechanism ensures exceptional tuning stability by eliminating unwanted string stretching and slippage.


      Stabilization SpringBlock Options: Customize Your Tremolo

      The Sophia 2:22 offers a range of Stabilization SpringBlock options to match your playing style. The base model includes a mid-sized brass tremolo block with the Sophia TremStop for reliable performance. Upgrade to the UNO model for a single spring-loaded stabilizer on either the bell brass StopBlock or OFR-sized TI spring block. For ultimate control and stability, choose the "Pro" Model Upgrade with Sophia Dual Stabilizers, featuring adjustable "soft stop" functionality for nuanced vibrato effects and exceptional tuning stability for double-stops, stumming, and more.


      In the box:

      • Sophia 2:22 headless tremolo
      • 1 x 5.5 No Wobble arm
      • 2 x sealed insert / locking riser posts
      • 4 x copper coated springs
      • 1 x copper coated tremolos spring claw
      • 1 x 2mm adjustment wrenches
      • 1 x 5.5 mm GT Pro guide wrench
      • 2 x acoustic dampening felt pads (for GT Pro)


      • Retrofit for Fender® American Strat® or similar guitars
      • 2.22" riser post spacing
      • 2:22 Macro Tuners [Short Nose] feature a .217" minimum intonation height
      • The 2:22 Macro Tuners offer an intonation adjustment height of .09"
      • Macro-tuners - infinite fine tuning or full range [60:1 tuning ratio]
      • Multi-scale capable up to approx. max 18º [.675"] intonation differential between first and sixth strings
      • 10.7mm string spacing
      • 14" radius



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        Sophia Tremolos has earned its reputation as the gold standard in guitar hardware, lauded for its innovative design and unmatched performance. Guitar World recognizes the Sophia tremolo system as a groundbreaking upgrade, asserting its significance as the most substantial improvement since the introduction of the Floyd Rose.
        Colored hardware can be built to order. Please reach out to place a custom hardware order.

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