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Master-Your-Pedalboard-Unlocking-the-Secrets-of-Guitar-Effects-Pedal-Order Ploutone

Master Your Pedalboard: Unlocking the Secrets of Guitar Effects Pedal Order

Unlocking the secrets of your guitar's signal chain is like...
by Brett Quattrucci on July 15, 2024
The-Best-Distortion-Pedals-for-Metal-Top-Picks-for-Every-Budget-and-Style Ploutone

The Best Distortion Pedals for Metal: Top Picks for Every Budget and Style

Attention all riff-lords and tone-seekers! If you're on a relentless...
by Brett Quattrucci on July 04, 2024
Top-10-Best-Budget-Guitar-Pedals-Killer-Tones-for-Less Ploutone

Top 10 Best Budget Guitar Pedals: Killer Tones for Less

As guitarists, we're always on the hunt for that elusive,...
by Brett Quattrucci on June 10, 2024
Pickguard-Paradise-Exploring-Inspirational-Pickguard-Guitar-Color-Pairings Ploutone

Pickguard Paradise: Exploring Inspirational Pickguard & Guitar Color Pairings

Unleash Your Guitar's Personality with the Perfect Pickguard Your guitar's...
by Brett Quattrucci on May 07, 2024
Find-Or-Create-Your-Perfect-Pickguard-Designs-Dimensions-Guitars-Basses-Acoustics Ploutone

Find (Or Create) Your Perfect Pickguard! Designs & Dimensions (Guitars, Basses, Acoustics)

This guide explores popular designs and dimensions for guitars, basses, and acoustics, helping you find the perfect pre-made pickguard or equipping you to create your own DIY custom masterpiece. Let's find your dream pickguard!
by Brett Quattrucci on May 03, 2024
How to Choose the Perfect Custom Guitar: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide Ploutone

How to Choose the Perfect Custom Guitar: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

Introduction In the world of music, the electric guitar stands...
by Brett Quattrucci on October 09, 2023


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