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Cort Guitars: Affordable Excellence in Musical Instruments

Many modern guitarists are discovering Cort Guitars and asking themselves, “Are Cort guitars good?”. It's a fair question considering the fact that although Cort manufactures high-end instruments for famous brands like Ibanez, not many people know about their own line of guitars and their impressive quality.

When it comes to choosing a guitar, players are faced with an array of options. From different styles and brands to various levels of quality and pricing, the decision-making process can be overwhelming. However, one brand that has been making waves in the guitar industry is Cort.

Cort Guitars is a South Korean-based company that has been manufacturing guitars since 1960. Over the years, they have built a reputation for carefully constructing instruments with high-quality materials. Currently, Cort makes instruments for other well-known brands such as Ibanez, PRS, and G&L, who are all recognized for their high-quality guitars.

The difference between Cort Guitars and these larger brands is their ability to offer instruments with the specs of a premium instrument at a much more affordable price. This has made them a popular choice for musicians looking for a quality instrument without breaking the bank.

Materials and Construction

One of the reasons Cort Guitars has gained such a reputation for quality is their careful use of materials in the construction of their instruments. They use high-quality tonewoods such as mahogany, maple, and rosewood to ensure a rich, balanced tone. Cort also uses advanced construction techniques such as bolt-on necks and hand-wound pickups to produce a superior sound.

Cort's focus on quality is not just limited to the construction of the instrument. They also pay close attention to the design and aesthetic of each guitar they produce. This attention to detail has resulted in guitars that not only sound great but also look stunning.

Cort KX508MS

Ibanez Connection

As mentioned earlier, Cort has been manufacturing guitars for other brands such as Ibanez for many years. This has allowed them to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the industry. By working with other brands, Cort has been able to hone their craft and perfect their manufacturing processes.

However, Cort's work with Ibanez has also led to them producing guitars with similar specs as premium Ibanez instruments but at a much more affordable price. This has made Cort a popular choice for musicians who want the quality of an Ibanez but cannot afford the premium price tag.

Affordable Excellence

One of the standout features of Cort Guitars is their ability to offer high-quality instruments at a much more affordable price than other brands. This has made them a popular choice for musicians of all skill levels and budgets. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Cort has an instrument that will fit your needs.

Cort's commitment to affordability does not come at the cost of quality. Each instrument is carefully crafted using high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques. This has resulted in instruments that not only sound great but also last a lifetime.

Designed for Modern Guitarists

Cort guitars have become increasingly popular among modern guitarists due to their advanced features and high-quality craftsmanship. One of the reasons why Cort guitars are so appealing to modern guitarists is their use of innovative pickups like the Fishman Fluence Modern humbuckers. These pickups offer a versatile range of classic and progressive guitar tones, allowing players to explore a wide range of musical styles and deliver the highest quality sound.

Other features that make Cort guitars a favorite among modern guitarists include their use of multi-scale and extended range designs. Extended range guitars like the 7-string KX507 and 8-string KX508 are used by many progressive guitars and are an amazing way to expand the realm of possibilities in one's musical toolbox. Multi-scale, or fanned frets, are the superior option on extended range instruments because of their ability to increase string tension across the lower strings without making the higher strings harder to bend or increasing their scale length.

The increased tension on the bass side reduces string floppiness to create a cleaner, crisper tone. That's the reason you don't see bass guitars with 25.5" scales and is also why multi-scale instruments are ideal for low tuning and genres like progressive metal. The added tension also allows for improved intonation when picking the lower strings since they are not able to move excessively in the saddle and nut slots. On top of that, multiscale designs also provide a more ergonomic playing experience, by allowing you to keep a more neutral wrist position as you move up the fretboard, helping to reduce tension and discomfort during long sessions.

Cort KX507MS Multi-scale electric guitar


Cort Guitars is a brand that has been making waves in the guitar industry for their commitment to quality and affordability. Their careful use of materials and advanced construction techniques have resulted in instruments that not only sound great but also look stunning. Their work with other brands such as Ibanez has allowed them to gain valuable experience and produce instruments with similar specs at a much more affordable price. Cort Guitars is a popular choice for musicians of all skill levels and budgets who want an instrument that will last a lifetime.

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